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C.P. Arya Public
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“Those Who do not move do not feel their chains.” The unfathomable mind of the youth needs to explore their capabilities, new ideologies and must understand the relevance of reaching out in today’s times. The primary role of education is to ignite young minds and imbue learners with the curiosity to discover and comprehend the world around them. At CPAPS it is our constant endeavour to nurture and inspire our learners by providing them an environment that is child-centric and conducive to learning. This learning leaves an indelible mark on the young minds.
We are dedicated to provide quality education to our students by fostering an atmosphere of close cooperation between faculty and students, creating a unifying atmosphere of excellence acroos all fields of teaching, research, technological innovations and discoveries.
In this competitive era it is imperative that the children have a well-rounded personality and are able to face the world self-assuredly keeping this in mind, the school has introduced the concept of class presentations, Counselling sessions, Guest Lectures wherein talks /workshops are conducted by expert resource people thereby providing the students an opportunity to explore and discover their innate capabilities and unique talents. However, while promoting co-scholastic development, we ensure that the scholastic domain is given the requisite attention. Academic excellence is the foremost priority at CPAPSG and we ensure that the students are placed well, as we understand that education is very important for an individual’s success in life. In these changing times, the main purpose of education is to prepare and integrate an individual within the framework of the society, to quality them for work in economy and to teach them values and morals of society. CPAPSG is a dynamic conglomerate and the effective partnering with the staskeholders has helped it create a niche for itself and has given us the strong conviction to stride forward assiduously.